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How do I join the waiting list?

We hope to meet all of the families on our waitlist and their needs. 

Please note that we are currently fully booked. 

This means that, at this time, we have no positions available to offer however families are welcome to join our waiting list.  The best way to find out more about our centre is to book in for an information session when they are running - check out our tour dates and times and call the centre to book one in. 

There is no application fee to join our waiting list families are welcome to join by downloading, completing and emailing the  application form to the centre or we can give you a form when you come in for a tour. 

When enquiring about our waiting list or if you have any questions or updates email is the best method of contacting us - [email protected]  

We fill our waiting list according to Priority of Access guidelines. Then our existing children and siblings receive priority to increase and change days on our internal waiting list. We then offer positions to our external waiting list based upon date order from when forms are received. You will not be removed from our list unless you advise us or when your child will have transitioned to Primary School (over 6 years of age).

Unfortunately we cannot predict when a vacancy will arise during the year as an existing family needs to drop a day for a position to come up. We can't always offer you the days that you are after. Sometimes a position becomes available for just one day per week, and the more flexible you are the higher the chance that you will receive a position at the centre.  

Websites where you can find information about available and quality child care are:

Department of Early Childhood Education -

Child Care Finder -


Starting Blocks -

Download our Waitlist Application Form

Privacy Notice

Personal information will be managed openly and transparently in a way that protects an individual’s privacy and respects their rights under Australian privacy laws. 

We only collect or use personal information if this is needed to educate and care for children at the service or to comply with our legal obligations. We will take reasonable steps to make sure you know we have your personal information, how we got it and how we'll handle it.

We collect most personal information directly from a parent or guardian. We may also collect information through our website, Family Law court orders or agreements, special needs agencies and training courses. We may occasionally request information from other organisations which you would reasonably agree is necessary for us to educate and care for a child.

The information collected includes information required under the National Education and Care Law and Regulations or needed to promote learning under the Early Years Learning Framework.  This includes name, address, date of birth, gender, family contact details, emergency contact details, authorised nominee details, parents’ occupations, cultural background, home language, religious beliefs, payment details, CCB/CCS information, Medicare number, , immunisation records, medical information and medical management plans, photos of children and information about children’s strengths, interests, preferences and needs, including special needs. 

We do not disclose personal information to others unless you would reasonably expect us to do this, we have your consent or we are complying with an Australian law.

We aim to keep the personal information we hold accurate, up-to-date and complete. This enables us to provide high quality education and care while ensuring the health and safety of children, and it is also important that we can contact you in the event of an emergency.

We have systems and practices in place to ensure personal information is secure and can only be accessed by those who need the information or may legally access it.

You have the right to access your personal information. There are some circumstances under Australian privacy laws where we may not be able to give you access. We will tell you if this is the case. There is generally no cost for accessing your information. We will tell you if there is a charge before providing access.

Our Privacy Officer for privacy matters, including complaints, is the Approved Provider who may be contacted by telephone on 0298687787 or email [email protected]  or by mail 87 Chesterfield Rd Epping NSW 2121. We will provide a copy of any updates to our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy on display in our Foyer and include the changes in our Newsletter.