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Hi guys,

We would love to provide a testimonial.  The team at Midson Rd Childcare provide a caring and nurturing environment not only for the children attending but for the child's entire family.We have been able to put our trust in the team to be sensitive to the needs of each of our children and provide the very best in care, positive health and nutrition education and lunch/snack menu's, and an engaging curriculum.

The team go above and beyond in their efforts to integrate family with childcare creating a community environment for all involved. Examples include, movie nights, Christmas concerts, birthday celebrations, visits to the zoo and aquarium, celebration of cultural events such as Chinese New Year, NAIDOC week.

The team at Midson Rd childcare also provide information on a very regular basis not only about each child but about the community and always encourage more integration between families and the centre. Examples include: regular newsletters, 'day books' containing details and pictures of each child's day plus a child's portfolio at the end of each year, health information to warn families of disease outbreaks in the local community, child safety advise, details about parenting seminars etc. All of the above combined, along with the smiles on the educators and children's faces create an outstanding experience for the children and families. Regards,  Tina T

It's not easy leaving your children at childcare, but the team at Midson make it easy.  Despite the pit at the bottom of your stomach, you have a great sense of relief knowing your children are well known, well cared for and well taught. The team at Midson Rd treats each child as an individual and helps them reach their full potential.

The team are creative, enthusiastic and warm. They genuinely incorporate parent feedback and bring as many outside events into daily practice - Chinese New Year, Road Safety Week, Family's Week (feel free to add the million events you do here to our testimonial). They not only run a service, but also contribute to community service.

The team knows when to give the children a hug and how to make them smile.  They have the desire to get to know the children well and create so many enjoyable individual and group experiences for them.  They also go that extra mile for the children with additional needs - this isn't always easy - as you put twice as much in and get half as much in return.

I feel so relieved to have found Midson Rd for my children.  They are a great little family, that are truly a cut above the rest. B & J McNicholas

I’ve been exceedingly happy with my two children’s tutelage at Midson Road Child Care Centre.  My oldest just left to Primary school where he has adjusted without any issue and is also doing fantastic both socially and educationally.  I give a lot of credit of his success, demeanour and his abilities to the staff of MRC. 

I’ve seen how the staff challenge the children constantly, and allow them to grow, learning from their mistakes and also learning through discovery.  They do it all, allow the children to grow, and praise when earned.  It’s amazing but with an energetic and positive atmosphere, the most amazing learning environment has been created.  Every parent I know that has sent their child to MRC agrees and we all boast how happy we are that our children attended MRC rather than another day care centre.

The staff have allowed myself to come in on several occasions to expose the children to different types of music and also foreign customs and holidays.  To be active inside with their supervision has been great for not only myself, but for my children to see me involved as well.

My children always have enjoyed attending MRC and never have they indicated otherwise.  It’s a family, loving centre that fosters growth.  If they had an elementary school programme I’d also enrol my children in it too! M Adams

Midson Road Childcare was the only childcare I enrolled and put my son into the waiting list for 2 years, which I believe I made a excellent decision for my son.

Child is innocent, they will tell you the truth without Subjective judgments,  I feel very comfortable when my child tells me that he wants to invite all the educators to his house or he is talking about educator’s name millions time at home because I know he is enjoying his life during the day time. I am very happy to see his improvement in Language skills, learning skills, and his positive, Optimistic, Passionate attitude for doing and learning. So appreciate to all the educator’s great efforts, and I do like to refer Midson road childcare to any of my friend! Sophia

Midson Rd provides a high standard of care for the children enrolled. The staff are conscientious, positive and incredibly enthusiastic and accommodating. The learning that takes place is a credit to the centre and the kind people who work here. This is wonderful centre that not only teaches and stimulates the children, but immerses them with love and kindness. Thank you for everything. S Aalders

As a working mother, it's extremely important to feel comfortable with the people and surroundings in which you leave your children for the greater part of the working day. Right from the start, I felt very comfortable with Midson Road Child Care Centre. Many of the staff members who were there when my eldest daughter started are still there and I have found the centre's staff retention extremely high. They take care to choose quality staff and take the time to mentor younger members of staff through support and ongoing training combined with work experience in order to create the long relationships that exist.

The centre is a welcoming place, not just for the child who attends, but for all the family. No-one is too busy to stop for a quick chat about how your child's day has been or offer advice on any issues. Communication is top notch with regular newsletters and emails that make you feel that you are a valued part of a larger community. The centre also offers a variety of much-valued added extras that are just not available at other centres. A great example of this is the child portfolios that are given to the parents at the end of each year and feature a selection of the child's artwork from throughout the year, often accompanied by pictures of the children as well and any jottings to accompany the work. The staff take the time to put together these portfolios in their own time and it is really appreciated by this parent who already feels that she misses out on a great deal of her child's day. I find the management at the centre very approachable if there are any issues to be discussed and indeed, the centre seeks regular feedback from parents (with anonymity offered if necessary) in order to gauge their success and look at any areas that need to be addressed. M.Gardner

“ ... As a teacher myself I am highly aware of the influence of the environment created on children's enjoyment and potential to learn and I have no hesitation in saying that Midson Road meets all of my wildest dreams in regards to providing a fantastic place for my children to be."  E.Slawski

Our daughter loves coming to day care! And for us that says it all. The team clearly enjoying working for the centre and love what they do and this translates into a passion, patience and level of care that is second to none.  Thanks A &J Morris

Just want to thankyou for ...providing such a wonderful atmosphere, fabulous fabulous staff and great care for our kids.  I hope Midson Road continues to go great guns and provides continuing exemplary service to all families privileged enough to have their kids attend.  My husband and I really do think you, the staff and the centre are fabulous. S. Madison-Hanlon

The Midson Road Childcare is the third childcare my son has been to, and I am glad that I did not settled with any of the previous.

Before our first day, I knew that this childcare meets all NQS and has the best reputation in our area. It has a structured learning program connecting to preschool, and in house catering which smells really good. Yet, the greatest asset of Midson Road Childcare is their awesome team.

The confidence I have is from all the commutations from the team. Rather than flicking through photos, I receive a daily emails from the educator who plans ahead for the activities of they, sets up the room for play and has given some thoughts about my son’s area of interests and abilities. I love reading these emails with my son, seeing the big smile on his face. And He is amazing me with all the new skills he picks up every week.

Relationship with the educators is the most precious thing any parent would hope for. And I am so glad that Midson Road Childcare has the best educators whom my son loves and trusts. We don’t need bribes or rewards in the morning, he is always excited about going to childcare. My son even asked to get out of the car when we drove past the centre. I have never expected kids can be happy and attached to a childcare like him.

With the previous childcare, I have witnessed staff changing every week, under staffing and stressed educators. If you are a parent like me who wants to see a smile on your kids’ face, team Midson Road Childcare is the answer. Thank you. Crystal