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Our Rooms

We recognise that each age group has different needs and abilities.

Bush Babies (0-2 years)

The learning process begins at birth. Much care and attention are given to create a warm, safe, stimulating and nurturing indoor and outdoor environment for our babies and toddlers. Our educators see daily routines such as feeding, resting, nappy changes as significant elements in a day. We also cater to each child’s interests and development through our individualised learning journeys. The bush babies room has a focus on providing positive opportunities for learning and time for quality interactions.

Possums (2-4 years)

Children of this age are active explorers. Their need for exploration and hands-on learning has guided our indoor and outdoor learning environments. Much of this learning happens through play and exploration, therefore we focus on the process and learning involved in experiences rather than on an end product. Opportunities are provided for small and large group play with our educators as well as time for each child to play and explore independently and collaboratively. Each child in the Possums Room will also be nurtured and enriched through their individualised learning journey.

Koalas (3-5 Years)

Children in this group are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn about their environment and the world around them. During this period children are rapidly developing an understanding of concepts, and are highly motivated to explore and set challenges for themselves and their peers. We encourage children to act as initiators, investigators, explorers, problem solvers and creators.
Please note: Children who have a birthday during the year will not be moved to an older room until January of the following year. We also can’t guarantee a place in an older room as this is also dependant on availability within that room.